Now & for The Future

When you come to National Homes CIC,
we will help you in any way we can,
and we will go on providing back-up for the longer

Our aim is to help you live a happy and contented life. We know that might take time – and time is what we will give you. NHSL: now and for your future.

No More Short-Term

We know that many people have issues that take a while to sort out. And if that happens, we’ll stick with you while you get yourself straight. We’ll talk things through with you, we’ll help you fill in the forms, we’ll show you how to get the assistance you need, and we’ll back you up all the way – long-term.

Come Back Whenever You Want

We hope that, when you come to NHSL, we will be able to help sort out your problems, so that you can get on with the rest of your happy life. But whatever happens in the future, you can always come back. Maybe you get a letter that’s difficult to answer, or a form you don’t quite understand. Whatever the reason, we will be here.

A Friend Whenever You Need One

Most of what we do is practical – form filling, advice, helping you deal with agencies and other authorities. But we’ll also be here if you just need a friend: someone to talk to, bounce ideas off, discuss your concerns with. For us, “supported living” means complete support.

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